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We at Nurturing Angels bring you Ease and Trust with In-home care and Professional Aide Services. Based in the New York-Metropolitan Region.

We are here...

  • From helping you or those you love to fulfill strenuous daily tasks
  • Getting the start needed to return peace back into your Life
  • Being your guide in delivering proper and compassionate care to someone in need

You’re not alone – and we can help.

An Aid is not just a Paid Employee, they are Your Caretaker and Your Partner.

At Nurturing Angels, Finding a Perfect Caretaker is not a Favor from us. It is Our Job to make you Comfortable, and we Do this Job with a Passion.

Let Nurturing Angels be there for you, We can provide so many answers


have been provided forwith the help of Nurturing Angels. Let us be your next!

Languages spoken here


  • English
  • Español   
  • Kreyòl    
  • עִברִית
  • Русский
  •  אִידִישׁ
  •  广东话
  • 普通话

Understanding you is Priority


Proper Care can only be delivered if you are properly understood. We hire Aides of your Preferred Language so you can easily communicate. This Prevents Mishaps, Misunderstandings, and Frustrations.

Professionalism is Key


Live in peace knowing your aide is a certified professional with completed extensive training. These licensed aides are continuously updating their skills to remain up to par with modern-day curricula.


Continuous Service


Home-aides are Human, they are prone to sickness and off-days just like the rest of us. However, this does not impact the care we provide you. Nurturing Angels always has a caregiver on file in-case of Home-aide emergency!

Perfection is Choice


Our Aides will fit into your lifestyle. Your preference is what is important! Specifications such as age, culture, and pet-friendly are important for us if they are important to you.

No Service is too Complex

Nurturing Angels is around-the-clock. We always have a full team available to make sure any service requested is fulfilled. Let us take the load off of your shoulders. We provide 24/7 on call services as well

Affordable Care is what we Value

Human care is a necessity, not a want. Our financial specialists will work with you to find the best coverage to complete all your wants and needs.